BCCHS Vending Machine Prices & Hours Need to Change

The BCCHS vending machines outside of J Hall.

The BCCHS vending machines outside of J Hall.

Alejandra Dominguez, Staff Writer

Aren’t you just tired of the vending machines not being open before school or during lunch when you are most hungry?

Yeah, so am I! I think that the vending machines should be open at all times except when classes are in session. It’s reasonable to have them closed during class times since students would probably go out during class constantly to get food.

During the 2019-2020 school year, the vending machines were open before lunch and after school, and I believe that we should go back to that. Not all kids may want to eat the school lunch food and some students might just want a snack from the vending machines–something sweeter or even better than what’s currently offered.

As much as these closures affect students, they could also affect teachers as well. How might teachers feel about the vending machines being closed? Do teachers think the prices of the vending machines should stay the same, or go up or down? I’m pretty sure most teachers don’t get anything from the vending machines, but if they do, are they upset that they are usually closed during school hours or even before?

My personal opinion is that the prices should just go down to $1.00 (instead of $1.50), but it’s not just based on my opinion, it’s also based on other students too.

This is one of the vending machines at BCCH that is usually closed before school, during lunch, and sometimes after school.

This is a situation that several students have talked to me about. One of the students explained, “The vending machines by J Hall don’t work.” I checked out the vending machines there and it’s true; they don’t work. The vending machines by J Hall also take your money at times and don’t give it back. A friend of mine told me that she put a $5 bill into the machine and not only did the vending machine not work, but she didn’t get her money back, so she was out $5. Do yourself a favor and don’t even try and go to those machines because you will be disappointed.  (Ed. note–coins seem to work well in these machines, but not paper money.)

The point I’m trying to make is that I, and several other students, feel that the vending machines should be open before, during, and after school. Prices should go down 50 cents because not everyone has that extra money. However, I think the snacks and drinks should be worth one dollar.

I hope that one day soon they have the vending machines open at all times and also possibly lower the prices. I know myself and many students will be very happy if changes happen and the vending machines are open at all times.