The Pros and Cons of Mask-Wearing at BCCHS

Students wearing masks while inside a classroom

Students wearing masks while inside a classroom

Ne'Veah Hartzog, Staff Writer

Even though everyone is glad to be back in school and finally getting back to the “normal” life they’ve all craved since online schooling took over, there are quite a few new rules in place, such as the mask mandate.

A majority of students actually have positive things to say about the masks but naturally, there are people who aren’t so happy about it.

The pros of the mandate are that a lot of students may feel that having their face covered is a good thing due to multiple reasons. For example, some students say that they prefer having their faces covered in pictures & videos just in case they make a weird face, and then there are students who use the masks as a new accessory, and many like them because when worn properly, it helps prevent the spread of Covid-19 and many other possible sicknesses, such as the flu.

Some cons of mask-wearing are that students may find it harder to approach others due to not being able to see their facial expressions–which means they don’t know what exact mood that person is in and what they’re walking into. Masks muffle the voice and can fog glasses so students may have to take it off for a few seconds or pull the mask out to allow proper air circulation.

Speaking of air circulation, students with breathing difficulties, such as asthma for example, may have to take off their masks a little more frequently than others, but most of the time, students will only have to do so if they move around a lot.

The list of pros and cons is extremely long and these are but just a few examples, but with the way everyday life and everything is going currently, the mask mandate is most likely going to be around for a while and will just become another part of our everyday lives. All we can do for now is wear our masks properly and stay as safe as possible.