One and Only

One and Only

Brandon Young, Creative Arts Editor

You’re the one I cannot live without

This is certain–without a doubt

You always seem to put a smile on my face

With every sight of your subtle grace

You may think you’re weird, quirky, and strange

But I love that–none of it should ever change

You’re beautiful in every way, shape or form

You’re my brightest light in the darkest storm

Your soft voice whispers weightless chimes

And pulls me towards an eternity of endless space and time

When we’re together, I never need to escape reality

Because as long as you’re in it, you’re my only mentality

I lose myself in your soft brown eyes that flutter and shine

Melting me and our love until they mix and entwine

I promise to love you for every moment of forever

And when the world runs out of laughs and hugs, I will never

You have opened my heart and kept it near

You are my everything–my smile, laugh, and tears

I will be your shoulder to cry and lean on

 My butterflies for you have never gone

To think of a time without you there

Is something I can hardly bear

But if your feelings ever fade to dust

And if our romance begins to rust

My heart will continue to exist

Knowing that I once had the sweetest gift