The Bizarre Last NFL Days of Antonio Brown

Michael Ochoa and Daniel Espinoza

What is going on with Antonio Brown? Could his career be over?

In week 17, during a close game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs New York Jets, late in the 3rd quarter while the Buccaneers were down 14, Brown took off his shoulders pads and his jersey and left the game and the stadium while gesturing to the crowd.

One reason that Brown could have done this was that he had an injured foot and did not want to play. Bucs head coach Bruce Arians texted him days before with the message, “Make sure you’re ready to go tomorrow. We are not resting for the playoffs.”

Brown had told him that he had rolled his ankle on a two-point play. On game day, Brown played some of the game then came to the point he couldn’t anymore and refused to play. Coach Arians came up to him and said, “You’re done… get the f*** off the field!” At that point, Brown threw his pads and abruptly walked off the field, through the end zone, and down the tunnel.

Antonio Brown took off his shirt and gloves and then threw them to the crowd.

By quitting on the team, Brown won’t be able to earn the $1 million in bonus money that he almost certainly would have been able to earn if he would have played out the season. Brown needed just eight more catches to earn a $333,333 bonus. He also only needed 55 more receiving yards to earn another $333,333 and one TD to earn another $333,333. That’s $999,999 in bonus money that he won’t be getting due to his outburst.

Many people speculate if this behavior could be due to mental health issues. In the past, Brown has had some odd outbursts, but nothing like this. Overall, this may have been the last we’ve of Antonio Brown on an NFL team.