Will Ye Collaborate Again with Nike and Jordan Brand?


The image posted from @kanyewest on instagram

Trent Paulino, News Editor

On January 21st, Ye (formerly known as Kanye West), posted a picture of the Jumpman logo on his Instagram page. The Jumpman logo is a stylish image of Michael Jordan dunking in Nike sneakers. This is also the emblem Nike puts on the vast majority of their Jordan products, such as their very stylish sneakers, Air Jordans.

On the second slide of his post is a picture of a tweet from Nice Kicks which confirms Ye will be joining Marcus Jordan, Michael Jordan, and DJ Khaled for a meeting. Many fans are speculating it could be a shoe collaboration of all four names with Nike, but it has not yet been confirmed by anyone.

Fans have also speculated in the comment section of Ye’s post that it could be a Yeezy (Adidas) and Jordan (Nike) collaboration. However, this has not yet been confirmed either. For those who may not know what Yeezys are, they are a fashion collaboration with German sportswear corporation Adidas and Ye.

The picture @kanyewest posted on the second slide

Ye has been signed with Adidas since 2013, but before that, he began his Yeezy sneaker line with Nike in 2009. But Ye left Nike at the time because they failed to give him royalties under his own shoe sales.