Girls Volleyball Wrap-Up


Jonathan Galdamez and Ivan Avila, Staff Reporters

The BCCHS Girl’s Volleyball team went through a rough season which culminated in a losing record. Coach Bennett-Riley stated earlier this season that the “girls were new as a team and would need to get used to each other for a better team composition.”

The girls played 22 games overall, 10 of them being in-league games which they all lost. However it must  be remembered that the team was recently built and the girls still didn’t have the experience they needed to compete against the other top-ranked schools in their league. The girls ended with an overall season record of 6-16

The team took notes on their losses by learning from their mistakes and learning how to work together as a team. The time spent together helped establish a sense of teamwork which will hopefully help the team triumph in future seasons.

Seven of the team’s girls are graduating next year, leaving room for new player acquisitions in the following season. Coach Bennett-Riley will be coaching for the Varsity team, in hopes of bringing Birmingham Community Charter some wins and hopefully take our girls to city championships.