Un Verano Sin Ti: A Summer Melodic Masterpiece from Bad Bunny

Cover art for Bad Bunnys album, Un Verano Sin Ti

Cover art for Bad Bunny’s album, Un Verano Sin Ti

Daniel Espinoza , Staff Writer

Bad Bunny has given his fans a new album, Un Verano Sin Ti, right before the start of the summer of 2022. The last time Bad Bunny dropped an album was back in 2020 when he released El Último Tour del Mundo, and this was nine months after he dropped YHLQMDLG.

Un Verano Sin Ti was released on May 6, 2020, and was perfectly timed to be the soundtrack of the summer for this year. This 23-song album features a roller coaster of sounds and emotions. Benito, Bad Bunny, and Antonio Martinez Ocasio were able to experiment with his sound in a way that enriched his discography and allowed for his growth as an artist, thus creating one of the best works that he has made. 

Bad Bunny posing for a photo shoot while being interviewed for the New York Times

Announced at the beginning of 2022, fans have been anticipating this album ever since his last release back in 2020. All of Bad Bunny’s previous albums were dropped without any promotions, but this album had promotion backing it.

The album has been roughly two years in the making and has two sides which include a side A and a side B. Side A has 11 songs and side B has 12 songs. The album starts with a lot of energy and then transitions into a slower tempo. The design for the album cover was made by LA-based artist, ‘Ugly Primo,’ who has worked with multiple music artists in the past.

This album was made in different locations including Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. It debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 charts. It also had the biggest first week for a Latin album. In the first week, the album was streamed 356.66 million times. 

The album represents the perspective of Benito and his hardships with relationships. All 23 songs on the album are a sonically- pleasing experience. Each of the songs allows the audience to find at least one topic that they can relate to. Despite the sentimental content of the album, it is a celebration of life and success. It sets the bar for Latin music this year and how it should make people feel.