The Umbrella Academy: Season 3

Jade Baxendale, Editor-in-Chief

The Umbrella Academy seasons one and two have seen great success and now we’ve received our first look at season three. On May 19, the trailer for the new season coming out on June 22, 2022, on Netflix was released and it appears to be carrying the momentum from the first two seasons, allowing for an entertaining and wackier-than-ever season three.

The Umbrella Academy TV show is based on the Umbrella Academy comic books by Gerard Way. Both the show and the comics focus on a dysfunctional family of superheroes making up a team called the Umbrella Academy. The general story follows the group after they have grown up and left the Umbrella Academy.

The original seven siblings along with Lila (Ritu Arya), who joined the cast in season 2.

Each of the seven siblings was named after a number although all but Number Five have more normal names as well.

Number 1, Luther (Tom Hopper), has super strength. He is the leader of the team and after the end of the Umbrella Academy goes to do research on the moon.

Number 2, Diego (David Castaneda), has the ability to throw knives perfectly (however in the comics his power was to hold his breath indefinitely). Diego believed that he should have been the leader, so after the Umbrella Academy, he goes off to become a vigilante, answering only to himself.

Number 3, Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman), could alter reality by saying “I heard a rumor…” and whatever followed becomes true. Allison went on to become an actress after the Umbrella Academy.

Number 4, Klaus (Robert Sheehan), can see and control the dead and went off to become a junkie.

Ben (Center) became a part of the Sparrow Academy rather than the Umbrella Academy in the new timeline.

Number 5 (Aidan Gallagher) who could teleport, mysteriously disappeared one day when they were children.

Number 6, Ben (Justin Min), had deadly octopus-like tentacles that came out of him, yet met his demise shortly after Five disappeared. However, with Klaus’s ability to see the dead, Ben remains a character in the show.

Number 7 a.k.a. Victor (Elliot Page), is the most powerful member who was kept away from missions with the rest of the Umbrella Academy as a child and his powers were kept hidden from him. He went on to be a violinist after they grew up and wrote a book about his experience in the family.

Five (Left), Allison (Center), and Victor (Right) each sport new looks for the new season.

Season 1 starts with the death of their father, Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore), who adopted them after their strange births (43 babies were spontaneously born at the exact same time and none of the mothers were pregnant beforehand). All of the siblings are brought together for his funeral, but shortly after, Number Five returns from having time-traveled to the future. He brings news that the apocalypse is going to occur in a manner of days. The team (kind of) comes back together to stop it and in stopping the apocalypse in season one, they bring about a new apocalypse that they need to stop in season two. However, in the recent trailer, we have unsurprisingly learned that by stopping the season two apocalypse they brought about anotherĀ new apocalypse to be dealt with in season three.

Lila (Left) can replicate any of their powers, including Victor’s (Right)

The interesting part about this season, however, is that by changing the timeline in season two they erased the Umbrella Academy completely and have replaced it with the Sparrow Academy. The Sparrow Academy includes entirely new members other than one returning member, Ben, who is completely different than the Umbrella Academy’s Ben. Now the Umbrella Academy must deal with this new Academy while also trying to stop the apocalypse… again.

Even though this show is completely off its rockers, that has been the joy of the series since the start. For some, the amount of confusion brought about by this show makes it unwatchable, but for those who embrace the insanity, they’re in for a wild ride.