Students Dance the Night Away at the Back to School Glow Dance!

Abigail Rodriguez, Student Life Editor

As the new school year began, Birmingham Community Charter High School welcomed back the “Glow Dance,” after three years of not having dances since Covid-19 struck. On Saturday, August 27, the Back-to-School Dance was held at the Ramirez Soccer Field.

The event started at 7:00 p.m. but many students were seen there early to purchase their tickets. This was the first dance of the school year and the students at BCCHS were looking forward to it!

ASB students helped advertise the event by posting flyers all over campus, including classrooms, restrooms, the counseling center, etc. The flyers displayed neon colors, the main activities at the event, and they reminded people for weeks about the dance. Through PA announcements, students were reminded about buying their ASB cards and the event was even posted on the Birmingham social media pages to hype up all the students

Left- Song Jackson (11), Middle- Ayja Washington (11), and right- Deedee Berry (11). (Photo: Kelsie Wakabi and Diamond Brightly)

and encourage them to attend. The tickets started at twenty-five dollars and with an ASB card, it provided free entry.

The Back-to-School Dance theme was, “Glow in the Dark” and there were lots of activities to keep you entertained. Since the theme was “Glow in the Dark,” lots of people were seen wearing bright colors. Colors such as neon pink, green, yellow, and orange.

The entertainment included inflatables, a photo booth, and a DJ with room to dance. The photo booth had many props to choose from when taking pictures and different ways to take the photo too.

The inflatables consisted of a racing game, a ball pit, a maze, and a basketball court. For food, they gave out free

“The Habit” burgers and ice cream. Students were seen lining up to take pictures in the photo booth while others were enjoying themselves on the dance floor while the DJ played music. The most popular activity at the dance had to be the photo booth based on the long lines.

Rhodes Ngabirano (12) (Photo: Kelsie Wakabi and Diamond Brightly)

Katarine Barseghyan, a senior this year at Birmingham, had a lot of positive things to say about the event. She stated that “the dance was a success and I think everyone was able to make a good memory”. She also mentioned stuff that could have been improved, “I think if they provided more variety of meals it would have been better and more inclusive since some people don’t eat meat.”

I think overall the event was very good, but it could have been improved so that everyone could have an enjoyable experience!

(left to right) Frances Calimag (12), Kelly Gonzalez (12), Catherine Juarez (12), Valerie Torres (12), Ashley Corado (12), Daisy Munoz (10) (photo: Eriel Anne Carreras (12)