New Vending Machines Are a Runaway Success!


A closed vending machine near F Hall (photo: Edgar Blackmon)

Edgar Blackmon, Photography Editor

Recently at Birmingham Community Charter High School, we received new vending machines. The school has changed its vending machines by upgrading its items, and the new snacks are well-liked by the students.

I know this because I’ve noticed several students using the vending machines before school, at lunch, after school, and even during the passing period. The new vending machine items are widely popular among Birmingham students. The new machines and items were a wonderful addition to the school and were greatly appreciated by both students and faculty.

To get insight into how some students may feel about the change, I interviewed junior Rey Bush (JV basketball) to get his opinion regarding the new vending machines at our school. I interviewed him because, as an athlete, he is always in need of a thirst-quenching drink after practice. I asked him which is the best vending machine on campus and Bush stated, “The vending machine in the front is the best because I can get my favorite drink right before school starts.”

My next question to him was what is his new favorite item at the vending machines. Bush replied, “My favorite new item is the bigger fruit snack packages, and I get them all the time. The new items are definitely better and the machines too, as last year, I got a couple of dollars eaten by the vending machines.”

I then proceeded to ask another student, Ronaldo Mendez (11), the same questions about the vending machines. Mendez (11) said, “The one right next to F hall is my favorite because I go there almost every passing period. My new favorite item is the Coco Puff bars because they taste good,” stated Mendez.  Does he think that the older items were better than the new items recently added?  He emphatically stated, “No, I prefer the new items a lot more than the old ones, and the new items are also bigger and you get more for your money.”

Overall, the new vending machines were very necessary, considering the old ones still needed improvement to fix malfunctions in the machine (such as eating dollars).  In addition, the school has new machinery that can close vending machines with remote controls, allowing staff to save time by not having to close them manually every passing period.

At last, with the new items and new machinery, the new vending machines are a complete success at Birmingham.