BCCHS 2022 Club Rush–a Popular and Crowded Event at Lunch in the Quad

Raymond Castro, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Club Rush is an event at Birmingham Community Charter High school that takes place during lunch. Every year ASB invites clubs to set up booths in the main quad and students can walk around and see what clubs are available and what the clubs are about. The clubs have games, food, or activities that students can partake in.

Rebecca Bonilla(12) Seidy Gonzales(12) promoting the Key Club activities at BCCHS Photographers Emily Arreaga (12), Kelly Gonzalez (12)

Some of the clubs at Birmingham include Black Student Union, BCCHS Chess Club, Key Club, Animation Club, and Fresh Kicks on Kampus. These are just a few of the many clubs (40+) to join. Most clubs will meet at lunch during the week so you can socialize and get work done at the same time. 

The 2022 Club Rush was a very cool experience that makes all students at BCCHS feel like they have a free choice of which club they want to join and this event lets them hear everything that the clubs have to offer.

Students partake in activities to build bonds and socialize with other students. Most students go to the quad during lunch with their friends and find a club they can all join and experience shared interests.  Overall, this is a way that students can be independent and go find new friends or interests. 

Club Rush is a very beneficial and fun experience. Students get the chance to play games and find interest in new clubs. Some people enjoy a club so much that they will stay in that club for all four years in high school.

Finally, Club Rush was a way for students to find many new interests and get involved in school. So next time Club Rush happens, make sure you are there for the experience and the opportunity.