Why the New England Patriots Will Win the Super Bowl


Jack Freeman, Staff Reporter

The Super Bowl will take place this coming Sunday February 1, 2014 and it is between the Patriots and the Seahawks. (Spoiler Alert!) The Patriots are going to be victorious. The Patriots are going to win the Lombardi trophy this year because of their strong defense, their special teams, and their great offense led by the one and only, Tom Brady.

The Patriots’ defense has been very protective against the other team’s  red zone offense. Their defense was displayed in the AFC championship game against the Colts. The Patriots dominated the Colts 45-7. Their defense only gave up one TD in the entire game and they  also intercepted 2 passes from Colts QB Andrew Luck.  One of those interceptions led to a Patriots touchdown. New England’s defense has allowed an average of 19.6 points per game in the regular season and 19.0 points per game in the playoffs. The Seahawks’ offense is going to have to play their best if they want a chance against the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

The Patriots’ special teams have also been doing very well in the regular season and in the playoffs. Last week against the Colts, the Patriots’ special teams forced a fumble on a punt return which led to another Patriots TD. Punt returner Julian Edelman, has had a great season averaging 12 yards per punt return this season. The special teams has also blocked numerous punts and field goals in the regular season. It would be no surprise if the Patriots’ special teams come up with some big plays during the Super Bowl.

Some people criticize Tom Brady and his offense stating that he is not playing at the level he used to play at. However, this is nonsense as the Patriots’ team has been playing better than ever. New England’s star tight end, Rob Gronkowski, is back this season after missing the majority of last season, and he is having a fantastic season. Gronkowski had 12 touchdowns in the regular season and is averaging 14.2 yards per reception. Furthermore, receiver Brandon Lafell is  having a great year with 7 touchdowns in the regular season and averages 12.9 yards per catch. New England’s QB, Tom Brady, is having a dynamite year and playing exceptionally well this season. He has 33 touchdowns and a 64.1% completion percentage. Moreover, he holds multiple postseason records including: most career postseason passing yards, most playoff wins in NFL history, and most career postseason touchdown passes. Seahawks QB Russell Wilson is new to the NFL and cannot be compared with the legend of Tom Brady.  The Patriots’ offense also averages 35.3 points per game. These facts show that the Seattle Seahawks’ defense is going to have hard time defending the Patriots’ unstoppable offense.

The Super Bowl is going to be a great game, but the Patriots are going to be the team that comes out on top. The Patriots are going to win because of their strong defense, their dominant special teams, and an unstoppable offense led by QB Tom Brady. So make sure to watch the great match-up between the Seahawks and Patriots at Super Bowl XLIX!  Go Patriots!