Popular Dahmer Netflix Series Examines the Mind of a Serial Killer

Raymond Castro, Arts & Entertainment Editor

The new Netflix series “Dahmer” showcases the early and late life of serial killer Jeffery Dahmer. This series was directed by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan, and they show what Dahmer went through at a young age and also what made him start his murderous ways and what led him to become a serial killer.

This series was released on Netflix on September 21, 2022, and had 496 million hours watched in two weeks. It was featured on Netflix’s top 10 and was one of the featured shows when you would first open Netflix.  This series gave the audience a perfect example of what Dahmer truly did and what his life had to do with each homicide. It shows how he would get each victim from his first to his last. This series also showed how his family was noticing his different and weird behavior, but how they still saw him as family and didn’t treat him any differently.

Evan Peters the actor that portrays Jeffrey Dahmer in the series Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Dahmer was played by actor Evan Peters, who has starred in many films and series including Wandavision, X-men: Apocolypse, and many more. Peters was a perfect selection to play the role as he embraced and really took in all the known characteristics of Dahmer. Peters has similar traits and overall Peters made the film way more believable. This film was rated 4.7 out of 5 on Rotten Tomatoes.

This series shows what acid is and even gets every little detail of how Dahmer would break down his victims. These details are very gruesome. This series shows almost exact representations of how the victims would look and even goes into how the victim’s families would gather together and the hurt that people went through.

The show also revealed how people would be unsettled after knowing the fact that they had lived so close to someone like Dahmer.  This series dives into the altercations Dahmer would have with his neighbors and also the smell that Dahmer would leave from his victims and how his neighbors would complain.

Overall, Dahmer affected many people and this series showed what Dahmer really did and who he affected. This reenactment/documentary shows hardships and how communities were affected. The series caused such an uproar that people would go on to protest, while many others liked this series because they believe that everyone’s story should be heard. The directors and actors made this series nearly perfect.