The Future of BCCHS: Block Scheduling


Sadie Winterer & Daisy Flores

Sadie Winterer

It’s happening. It’s here. Block scheduling, a change for better or worse.

Saturday, January 24th at 10 am will be the board meeting determining the details of block scheduling. Students are allowed to come. In fact, it is highly recommended. Board members love to have a student’s say for the decisions they make on the students’ behalf. It shows leadership and courage to come and be a part of one’s community. Some students who are a part of a club, extracurricular, or a sport will especially want to come as it will greatly have an impact on their education and school life.

The idea is still in the air, but to put it in words, block scheduling will consist of four classes a day, and every day will be a different set of classes. Each class will be about 1 1/2 hours in a six hour day. Two classes before lunch and two classes in the afternoon.

Nothing is set in stone until Saturday, and even then, there will still be some tweaking. Saturday, January 24th, 10 am is the time to put in your two cents.