BCCHS Winter Wonderland Dance Showcase Dazzles the Audience

Ingrid Flamenco, Front Page Editor

At the end of last semester, our very own BCCHS Dance Team performed their first-ever Winter Wonderland Dance Show. The show was an hour and a half long and featured many different types of dance choreography by many different people, including Ms. Mathis’s beginning dance classes. 

Ms. Mathis, who coaches the varsity and junior varsity dance teams, organized the entire show and played a big part in making sure everything ran smoothly. The students, families, and staff got to see our amazing dance performance on both December 9 and 10, 2022. Tickets were $6 which was a great investment because the show was absolutely amazing. 

Both shows started at 7 p.m. and featured many different technical styles. During the beginning of the show, the audience was able to experience a couple of varsity dances and then a beautiful contemporary piece. Although we had varsity dances, we also had performances from Ms. Mathis’s beginning-level dance class which were just as amazing.

During the middle of the dance show, a 15-minute intermission was scheduled so parents and students were able to buy bake sale items and Birmingham dance merchandise at the front of the performing arts building. All the money that was made during the two shows will end up going to the dance team for next year and also for the competition which takes place at Six Flags and Disneyland.

Birmingham Dancers posing for pictures before the show starts. (photo: Danielle Castaneda (10))

During this showcase, an additional competition was held after the 15-minute intermission. The varsity dance team was split into four groups and all four groups had the challenge of having to dance with props.

The first group was called “The Freakazoids” and was led by Dayauna Teka Blevins (11). The Freakzoids consisted of a robot dance style that many people enjoyed and loved to watch. The second group was called “The Mob” and was led by Laura Rojas Olivera (12). The Mob consisted of cane-style prop dancing and it was very interesting while also amusing. The third group was called “The Boogie Wonderland” and was led by Eva Banos (12). The group Boogie Wonderland consisted of a chair prop style which had people mind-blown while also being very entertaining to watch. The final group was called “Date Night” and was led by Abigail Fong Mekki (11). The group Date Night consisted of a bandana prop style that people loved and enjoyed watching.

All four groups had the challenge of learning how to dance with props and all executed their dance numbers perfectly when it came down to both shows. Overall, the Winter Wonderland Dance Show was an amazing experience. Don’t believe me? Here’s what other students had to say about what they liked about the dance showcase. 

America Magana (11): ¨I loved that the dance showcase allowed the audience to participate and make them feel like they were a part of the show as well. The dancers’ eye contact and facials made the dances so much better and kept the audience engaged.¨ 

Ellan Francisco (11): ¨ I loved how the dance showcase has so much energy and was consistent all throughout the dances. There was no lame or boring part, every second was breathtaking. The dancers performing made me wanna dance and the energy of the crowd made the dance go to a whole new level.¨