Metro Boomin Releases Heroes and Villains Album to Rave Reviews

Joaldi Diaz, Staff Writer

Metro Boomin is a music producer who produces for other artists. He likes to make collaborations with well-known artists like 21 Savage and Young Thug. He has also produced music for the group Migos and rapper Future.

On December 2, 2022, he released an album called Heroes & Villains in which he brought in artists like John Legend, 21 Savage, The Weeknd, Future, and Travis Scott–just to name a few. He was also sampling from an Amazon Prime television series called The Boys. The album itself had good transitions between songs creating an enjoyable and amazing album. I interviewed some friends to get their views on this album and this is what they had to say.

I interviewed my friend Isaac Salmeron (11). I asked him what were his favorite songs on the album. I also asked him what were his thoughts about the transitions and features on the album. He said, “My favorite songs on the album were “Creepin,” “Umbrella,” “Metro Spider,” “Niagara Falls,” and “Feel The Fiyaaaah.” He also mentioned how he was surprised that John Legend made an appearance on the album. He also added, “This album is so good, it doesn’t have any skips.” I also asked him what were his favorite features on the album. He said, “My favorite features were 21 Savage, Don Toliver, and Takeoff.” He also mentioned that The Weeknd took half the song in “Creepin,” but it was such an amazing song. He did an amazing job with 21 Savage on how they rode the beat.”

Travis Scott performing on stage (photo: Wikimedia Commons)

I also interviewed another student, Jeyson Palomeque (11). I asked Palomeque the same questions I asked Salmeron. He said, “My favorite songs on the album were: “Feel the Fiyaaaah,” “All The Money,” “Raindrops,” and “Superhero.” He added, “I realized how Takeoff went from the letter A all the way to the letter Z and ended his verse there.” He also said, “Metro Boomin knows how to make amazing beats. The way he made the beat for “On Time,” which features John Legend, was so good.” I asked him what his least favorite songs were and he said, “The album has no skips. The only song I’ll skip would probably be “Around Me” because it’s your typical Don Toliver song.” He also said that his favorite features were A$AP Rocky, John Legend, and 21 Savage.

A$AP Rocky at a recent concert (photo: Wikimedia Commons)

This album has the potential to be an album of the year. I loved all the songs on the album and I haven’t heard any albums like this since J.I.D.

My personal favorite songs on this album were “Creepin,” “Niagara Falls,” “Metro Spider,” “Umbrella,” and “Feel The Fiyaaaah.” I enjoyed The Weeknd and 21 Savage track which is called “Creepin” because I liked how the beat switched between a fast tempo and a slow tempo. I also enjoyed the transitions that were on this album from “On Time” to “Superhero” as well as the transition from “Metro Spider” to “I Can’t Save You”.

Future and 21 Savage did an amazing job on this album. On the other hand, I feel like Travis Scott was highly underrated.  I loved how he would ride the beat. A song that I think was underrated was “All The Money” featuring Gunna. Gunna, despite being in jail, did a decent job on the song. He delivered an amazing song by himself with no features–so props to him. The album is out now on all streaming platforms so, enjoy!