Argentina and Lionel Messi Dramatically Won the 2022 World Cup in a Thrilling Final

Joaldi Diaz, Staff Writer

As you may know, Argentina has successfully won the World Cup with well-known soccer player Lionel Messi. The last time Argentina won a World Cup was in 1986 with a prime Diego Maradona.

This Argentina run was one of the shakiest runs ever. Argentina started the World Cup by losing to Saudi Arabia 2-1 in the group stages. Everyone was disappointed in this first Argentina game because they lost to a team everyone thought they were going to beat. After the game, Messi came out on Bleacher Report and said, “This was unexpected. I hope that we come back stronger and I ask all the people to have hope in us and to stick with us.”

The Argentinian then managed to lead the national team for the rest of the World Cup beating Poland and Mexico in the group stage. I asked several BCCHS students what they thought about this World Cup. Who were the underdogs? Did they think the GOAT debate is over?

Picture of Messi Celebrating a Goal (photo: Wikimedia Commons)

One student I interviewed was Isaac Salmeron(11). I first asked him how he felt about the World Cup. He responded, “I feel good about the World Cup. I liked how all the fans of each team came out to Qatar and supported their team and stuck with them through the wins or losses.”

I then asked him which team disappointed him the most. Salmeron said, “The team that disappointed me the most was definitely Brazil. They were the favorites and they really did have the best team, but they lost to Croatia early on. Brazil had many good players on the attack. They had the names of Neymar, Richarlison, Rodrygo, Anthony, and many more.”

Is the G.O.A.T. debate over? Salmeron commented, “The G.O.A.T debate is over. Messi has had the perfect career with Barcelona, and to win the last two major trophies with Argentina is nuts. He has won all the major trophies with his national team and with his club.”

He also replied, “I love the fact that Messi won the World Cup. He’s my favorite player of all time. It could’ve been his last World Cup and I’m truly glad he won it.”


Picture of Emiliano Martinez Stretching To Make A Save (photo: Wikimedia Commons)

I then interviewed another student, Alexis Ramirez (11). He said, “I feel like this is the most memorable World Cup in my eyes because this year soccer fans had a better understanding of it all.” He continued, “Belgium disappointed me the most because they were ranked top three in the world and didn’t even make it past the group stage.”

Belgium was in a group along with Croatia, Canada, and Morocco. Morocco and Croatia were the teams that made it out of the group stage leaving Canada in 4th and Belgium in 3rd.

Ramirez mentioned, “Morocco surprised me because they were a team who looked like they didn’t have a chance to survive in that group.” I also asked him what his thoughts were about the World Cup final.

He replied, “The final was a roller coaster of emotions, to say the least.” In the 121st minute, Emiliano Martinez (Argentina’s goalkeeper) made a heroic save keeping Argentina’s dream alive to take it to penalties. Argentina then went to penalties and Emiliano Martinez managed to save a few penalties, winning the World Cup from defending champion France.

Lastly, I asked him if he thought that the G.O.A.T debate was over. He concluded with, “I mean, it’s hard to say because there are old heads who support Pele & Maradona, but Messi will always be the G.O.A.T in my eyes.”