Play Pro Has a Blast on Broadway and in Times Square in New York City

David Hernandez, Staff Writer

On January 13-16, 2023, the BCCHS Play Pro class got onto a plane and went straight to their trip to New York City. They had many activities planned for the trip including going to plays and visiting some of the sights in the city. They went to several locations including The Edge (a skyscraper city viewing platform), the Broadway Museum, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, and quite a few well-known restaurants nearby.

After asking play pro members what they thought of the trip, everyone said that they were excited and nervous about the trip. Many of the pictures taken by the students were very beautiful as New York City is a very bright and colorful place at night with so many things to catch your eye.

It is also very crowded, very busy, and very loud. The city is unfortunately also very dirty, but aside from these things, New York City was fun for the members of Play Pro. Play Pro also met with other schools during their trip to New York.

Play Pro visited The Edge, the highest outdoor sky deck in the city with a “one-of-a-kind design.” It has glass floors so you can look down 100 stories below you and it also has an amazing high-up view of the city–perfect for photos.

The next location they visited, The Museum of Broadway on West 45th Street in Times Square, is the first permanent museum dedicated to documenting the history and experience of Broadway theater and its profound influence upon shaping Midtown Manhattan and Times Square. It takes from one to three hours to walk through the entire museum. This is where Play Pro went and saw plays that were being performed for them while they were there. They were also lucky enough to meet and speak to some of the actors in the lead roles in one of the plays they saw, which must have been amazing.

A view of New York City from the platform on top of the Rockefeller Center (photo: Danna Gil (11))

Their experience in the hotel was fun according to play pro member Danna Gil, where friends went to each other’s rooms to play games, talk, and just spend time with each other until it was time for bed. After two nights in the hotel, they visited the final two destinations, Time Square and the Rockefeller Center.

Play Pro left the hotel frequently and spent many happy hours walking around visiting stores and they then went to Time Square.

When they arrived there, they said that there was much to see and many people to meet. Times Square is a major commercial intersection, tourist destination, entertainment hub, and neighborhood in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. It is formed by the junction of Broadway, Seventh Avenue, and 42nd Street.

The next day they went to the Rockefeller Center, which is a large complex consisting of 19 commercial buildings covering 22 acres between 48th Street and 51st Street in the Midtown Manhattan neighborhood of New York City. The way up was a long elevator ride to the top, but it had video screens to keep the people riding entertained. Once they reached the top of the center, it was very cold and windy, but the view was absolutely amazing.

The last activity Play Pro did while in New York City was the Statue of Liberty Cruise. This was a New York Harbor boat ride around Ellis Island, where the Statue Of Liberty is located. After their boat tour, the group headed back to their hotel room and slept for the final night until the morning when they would head back home.

The next day Play Pro woke up, headed to the airport, boarded their flight, and then headed home. The flight lasted six hours until they got picked up and got to sleep in their own beds, concluding their short, action-packed time in New York City.