Don’t Miss BCCHS Grad Night at Disneyland on June 14, 2023

Abigail Rodriguez, Student Life Editor

As students head into the spring semester, it means more school events! One big event for our BCCHS seniors is Grad Night. This is an event where seniors from dozens of different high schools spend a full day and night at Disneyland. It’s also the last event for seniors as they say goodbye and get ready to transition to college. That’s why the event is so popular!

Permission Slip for 2023 Grad Night (photo: Abigail Rodriguez)

This event is held after graduation and the trip is set for June 14. All payments and permission slips must be turned in to the parent center by Friday, April 14, 2023. BCCHS students have to get a signed permission slip first before attending even if they are 18 years of age. All seniors have to pay in the form of a check (no cash or cards accepted). The total for the trip is $230, the ticket costs $200 while $30 covers the cost of the bus transportation. Before students make a fuss about the cost of the tickets, remember that Disneyland set the price.

For transportation, all seniors are required to go together on a bus, with no exceptions. There will be teachers chaperoning and all students are expected to arrive on time at BCCHS to board the buses together, so please don’t make anyone wait!

To pay and get your permission slip you’d have to go to the parent center. The parent center is located in the administration building, where you’ll see a decorated door–it’s always open, so if you have any questions about the event, ask for Mrs. Ponce.

Poster of Grad Night outside of the BCCHS Counseling Center (photo: Abigail Rodriguez)

I interviewed Ms. Ponce with a few questions about Grad Night since she’s coordinating the event. These were some words of advice she had to say. “We are going to be in both parks, including California Adventure during the day, and we’ll transition to Disneyland at night.”

She also mentioned that the tickets will still be $230, and the price won’t change. During the bus ride, there will be assigned seats and BCCHS staff will be chaperoning. As soon as we get off the bus, students will be free to roam around.

I interviewed a few seniors about the event and I made sure to ask why it was important for seniors to go to events. Here is what Rebecca Bonilla, a senior at Birmingham had to say. “Create memories because it is your last year at high school, and you don’t want the fear of missing out.”

Another student interviewed was Omar Arana, another BCCHS senior.  I asked how he felt about spending a whole day at Disneyland because the park will be closed to the public beginning in the early evening and all seniors will be able to stay inside the park. He said, “I feel happy they’re closing it off to the public.” I asked Arana what advice he would give to someone who is hesitant to go on the trip and he said, “It’s our last year and last trip to hang out with our friends.”

Overall, I think all seniors should consider going on the trip because you could miss out on your final high school experience with your peers.