Netflix’s Hit Show Outer Banks Kicks Off Third Season

Abigail Rodriguez, Student Life Editor

Netflix’s hit show, Outer Banks released a new season and millions of people are hooked on it!

If you’re interested in action, suspense, drama, and romance, it is likely you’ll give the show a try. I recommend watching the two earlier seasons to get caught up. 

In case you’ve never heard about the show, let me give you some quick background information. The story takes place in a beach town called “Kildare.”  The town is divided into two territories, the “Pogues” representing the south side (poor side of town), while the “Kooks” represent the north side, (wealthier side).

The main characters of the show are John B., Sarah, Pope, Kiara, and JJ. The group starts off in search of clues about a lost treasure and they come across other people with bad intentions that are interested in the same treasure; hence, this is where the story really begins. 

Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline) interview for Outer Banks (photo: Wikimedia Commons)

With that being said, season three kicks off with most of the scenes being shot in Barbados, the new location for this season. The group continues their search for the lost treasure with only one problem: a bad guy named Carlos Singh is in the way of their search.

He’s the main antagonist who wants to be the first in his family to secure getting that treasure and doesn’t mind killing people on his way to getting that treasure. The teens once again go on another wild adventure to stop Singh from getting to the treasure–with the help of other characters introduced earlier in the season.

I wanted to get student’s opinions around campus about the show here is what a few had to say, when asked about the location of the new season, Delila Matias (12) said, “The location is really nice, liked how it was filmed in Barbados.” She also had lots to say about the characters of the show she said, “My least favorite character of the show is Carlos Sigh because he’s the bad guy.” Matias also said, “My favorite character is JJ because he’s carefree and a rebel.” Another student I interviewed was Maria Bran (12), she had lots to say about the scenery. Bran said, “The scenery is better than the other’s previous seasons.” She also said, “I like the beachy vibe of the season.” Lastly, she had some critiques, “the plot was all over the place but it does keep you entertained, so that’s good.”

From what I’ve seen people seem to enjoy the show whether you like it or not you should consider giving it a try. Who knows it might just end up in your top five or top ten maybe.