BCCHS Senior Decision Day 2023

Abigail Rodriguez, Student Life Editor

On May 17, 2023, the seniors at Birmingham gathered all around the quad for “Senior Decision Day,” a day dedicated to celebrating their chosen college or university of choice. The staff made sure to incorporate lots of activities for the seniors to enjoy themselves and make some last memories.

Before the students headed to the main event during Academy Period, they were given a certain badge that they had to wear in order to participate in activities. All seniors were then given a fanny pack that included a badge, sunglasses, and bubbles. After the badges were distributed, the seniors were free to roam around the quad.

The outside was decorated with balloons, which the school staff members did a good job making. The colors, of course, represented Birmingham. They also decorated the grass area with mini beach balls, along with two human-sized beach balls next to which the students could take pictures.

The activities at the event included a photo booth, bracelet/necklace-making station, painting coaster station, and more games. I participated in the bracelet-making station and there were two colors (blue and yellow), and you could add other charms. For the photo booth, there were lots of props and signs to show which schools the students will be attending.

For the painting coaster station, the students were given squared foam plates to paint whatever they wanted.

There was a fry food truck provided to the students, and they served carne asada fries. For the treats, they served pretzels and ice cream.

Each time you entered a station, you were asked to show your badge so they could cross off the activities you’ve done so far. The most popular station had to be the food truck because the line started from the counselor’s office and ended at J hall. Crazy, right?

There were also blankets on the grass for students to sit and chill with their friends.

The event was a success and it was cool seeing people represent their future schools–whether through shirts or sweatshirts– people wore them with pride and happiness.