Taken 3 Movie Review


Alexa Muro, staff reporter

The movie Taken 3 was released on January 9 as the third part to the first movie Taken. Liam Neeson, aka Bryan Mills, plays the over-protective slightly awkward father of Kim Mills. It would appear that Bryan cannot get himself and his family to continually live in peace. Throughout the beginning of the movie, significant details about what’s to come are foreshadowed.  Mills remains in the same little L.A. apartment when  his ex-wife Lenore visits him to discuss her unhappiness with new husband Stuart (a very wealthy man) played by Dougray Scott.

Here is where it begins to get twisted.  Mills is yet again left with one of his family members in trouble. Police are now involved and a detective (Forest Whitaker) with brains makes you question Bryan Mills’ intelligence.  Mills is now suspected of a serious crime and he now has to search for the person who is really to blame.  His only  problem is that there are Russian criminals who don’t seem too interested into lounging around L.A. The real mastermind may be closer to him than he thinks and Mills has only one job to do and that is to protect his family from harm’s way.

Director Pierre Morel could have done a better job with scenery as far as the city of Los Angeles is concerned. This film wasn’t as diverse (international) as his last two Taken movies in which he chose places like Paris and Istanbul.  This may be the last Taken movie and it would have probably been best to have ended with a larger bang.

The film best appeals to people who enjoy action, mystery and a few mini-heart attacks. Overall the movie was a success in regards to mystery and twists; unfortunately, it seems that the ending was too abrupt. As the movie progresses it leaves people wondering whether it is truly over or is there a hidden plot in the background. The director Pierre Morel did a very respectable job on the movie as well as the actors themselves including: Jon Gries as Casey, Dylan Bruno as Smith, and Famke Janssen as Lenore.