Rose water DIY

Maariyah Ford, Art & Entertainment Editor

Rose water was first made by chemists in Islam’s Golden Age as a perfume and beverage quite popular for a number of uses. Rose water is mostly used as a skin purifier, but you can use it for certain dishes or add it to lemonade for a summer beverage.


Fresh roses

A large pot

Distilled water: water that has many of it’s impurities removed though distilled(boiling the water and then condensing the steam.)

Heat safe bowl

A spray container


1. Start by plucking the petals from the roses (cut your own roses it you can.) If you buy the roses, make sure to rinse the petals in some  cool water to get rid of potential chemicals.

2. Place the petals in a large bowl and fill it with enough distilled water to cover the petals.

3. Cover with lid and let it simmer until the petals lose their color.

4. Once they lose their color, drain the liquid into a jar and your done! Store in a cool place.