Spirit Squad!


Sara Zhobin, Staff Reporter

Adans Hernandez is the president and founder of the first ever BCCHS Spirit Squad. The purpose of this “squad” is to enhance and promote school spirit by attending sport events, planning pep rallies, and overall showing blue and gold spirit. Adans started this with the intention of uniting the senior class. He says, “There were lots of Twitter conversations about having a designated section for the seniors at the football games in the stadium.” He decided to take on the responsibility and created a specific section for those who wanted to be spirited and loud during the football games.

The Spirit Squad section during the football games slowly became larger and larger, and soon, became a phenomenon throughout school. Those in the Spirit Squad sections were often given noise makers, confetti, and face paint. People in the section began to wear more blue and gold and show even more spirit outside of the stadium as well. With the help of administrators and the sponsor, Mr. Parks, Adans was able to get buses to take members of the club to the away games. Many say the bus rides were “lots of fun” and “really helpful as it provided a ride to the away games.” The football team said they really appreciated all the support and the spirit “pumped” them up for their games each time. Having a spirited audience really encouraged them to give their all.

The “squad” mainly consisted of seniors, but it was not exclusive to only seniors. Underclassmen are permitted and are even encouraged to join Spirit Squad. Adans even tried recruiting underclassmen by having each senior bring one freshman to the weekly meetings. The section and the club soon started to have more and more diversity among the classes. School spirit began to grow among all the classes here at BCCHS.

With the huge success shown with football in the fall semester, Adans decided to create the same designated section for other sporting events as well. Spring sports, such as Boys Basketball, Boys Lacrosse, and continued Boys Soccer, also had the same spirit as the football games. Students were provided buses for the away games for the spring sports as well. With the the addition of these sporting events, many seniors and athletes saw a great change in their class and in their games. Having students together for school events not only enhanced the school spirit but it also enhanced the bond between the students.

Besides sporting events, Spirit Squad has also planned and created pep rallies to keep the fun and spirit going. Adans and the Spirit Squad created spirit days to lead up to the pep rally which involved wearing certain clothing items or having a twin for a day.┬áThe pep rally had a series of games, such as tug of war, water balloon toss, and pie a teacher, which were held on a two day pep rally in the quad during lunch. Many students participated and said “it was very fun to participate in or simply just watch. It was better than a regular every day lunch.”

Adans Hernandez simply states he “wanted to make the year fun and wanted to bring the students together.” As a result, he has done much more and has created a new era of spirit- filled students among our school.