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Is the U.S. Senate Hearing on UFOs and Alien Contact Just Another Cover-Up?

The Moon (Photo: Zoe Mayorga (11))

In a groundbreaking event that has captured the world’s attention, the Senate has embarked on an extraordinary journey into the unknown. On June 26, 2023, America witnessed a crucial moment in history as government officials, military personnel, and renowned experts gathered on Capitol Hill for the highly anticipated Senate Hearing on UFO/Alien Contact.

In an age where the realms of science fiction are increasingly merging with reality, this hearing seeks to unravel the mysteries that have baffled humanity for decades. Are we alone in the universe? This hearing was conducted by a congressional subcommittee that brought the attention of many military officers who claim the government is hiding evidence from U.S. citizens about UFOs. 

The U.S. government, particularly the Department of Defense (DoD) and the U.S. Navy, has declassified several videos captured by military pilots that show encounters with unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP). These videos include the now-famous “GOFAST” and “GIMBAL” sightings. They raised many unanswered questions brought by the public about unidentified aerial objects. Government agencies at the Pentagon (DoD) have admitted to being aware of UAP, otherwise known as UFOs.

While these disclosures represent a significant departure from past government secrecy, many questions remain unanswered. The government’s role in investigating UAP encounters has the public extremely interested in receiving credible information. As a result, the government’s approach to transparency and disclosure regarding UAPs continues to be a topic of public and legislative scrutiny.

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BCCHS students were interviewed on this topic and their opinions about the government’s secrecy behind the UAPs are varied.  Why have many students speculated about this mystery? Junior students Hannah Brown, Giselle Castillo, and Alexa Arreguin expressed how they feel about the government secrecy with words like, “untrustworthy” and “liars.”  The students feel that the U.S. government is trying to hide information from the public and they believe that the government has “lied constantly for its own benefit.”

Global events have caused the public to suspect the trustworthiness of their government.

Project MKUltra (1950s-1970s) was a CIA program aimed at researching mind-control techniques, including the use of drugs on unwitting subjects. The government’s secrecy and unethical experimentation fueled conspiracy theories and led to public mistrust of government agencies.

JFK Assassination Records: The long-withheld classified documents related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy contributed to conspiracy theories and public distrust. The government’s reluctance to release these records fueled suspicions of a cover-up.

Area 51 and UFOs: The secrecy surrounding the U.S. military base in Nevada known as Area 51, along with government responses to UFO sightings, has led to widespread conspiracy theories about extraterrestrial contact and government cover-ups. The lack of transparency in this area has fueled skepticism about full government disclosures. These key events from modern U.S. history have made critical impacts on the public’s view of the government.

This senate hearing was brought up because military aircraft pilots have come forward to explain their UFO sightings and make an accusation that the government is hiding crucial evidence about UAPs. This captivated the imagination of the public, who had already been suspicious of the government’s secrecy based on past events. Even though these men claim that they have flown with unidentified aircraft quite beyond our technology, they have not proven that the government is hiding information from the public. This leads us to the question, can we trust our government?

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