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Wildfire Destruction in Maui a Direct Result of Climate Change

The disasters in Hawaii have taken lives and homes from people as a result of the wildfires. The fires have not just damaged their homeland, they have also caused deaths amongst the wildlife and the natural vegetation.
Houses destroyed in Maui’s wildfires (photo: Wikimedia commons)

The cause of wildfires in Maui, like any other wildfires, was influenced by various factors, including climate change. Climate change can contribute to the occurrence and severity of wildfires through several mechanisms. Rising temperatures, prolonged droughts, and changes in precipitation patterns can create drier conditions, increasing the likelihood of wildfires. Additionally, climate change can affect vegetation, further exacerbating fire risks. It is important to also note that climate change can contribute to the conditions that increase the risk of wildfires. 

One of the key ways climate change influences wildfires is through rising temperatures. As global temperatures increase, it leads to hotter and drier conditions, creating a more favorable environment for wildfires to ignite and spread by the winds. Another factor is the alteration of precipitation patterns. Climate change can disrupt rainfall, leading to more frequent and prolonged droughts in certain areas. Drier conditions can cause vegetation to become more susceptible to ignition, making it easier for wildfires to start and spread rapidly.

I spoke to fellow BCCHS senior Brannerd Calderon at the time, and I asked him what advice he had for the people in Maui.  “To prioritize your health during times of wildfires. The smoke and ash from wildfires can be hazardous to your health, so I would recommend wearing a properly fitted mask.”

Prioritizing your health during times of wildfires is a crucial step towards protecting yourself from hazardous smoke and ash. Wearing a properly fitted mask and avoiding strenuous outdoor activities is key to staying safe during these hard times. Staying informed about the latest updates on wildfires can also help keep you and your loved continue to stay healthy.

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Significantly, wildfires are unpredictable and sometimes uncontrollable. The people in Southern California can relate to the dangers of wildfires and the impact they can have on air quality. It is crucial to remain vigilant and prepared to ensure the safety and well-being of those living in areas affected by such disasters. It is always better to take a proactive approach in prioritizing our health during times of wildfires, ultimately reducing the risks of adverse health impacts.

Finally, the best option is to encourage people to take care of the elderly because they are the ones who are showing up in more fatal cases. Taking care of ourselves is not only beneficial for individuals, but ultimately better for the entire community.

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