Quiet Awakening

Brandon Young, Creative Arts Editor

“Seven years ago: 

    I spotted her from afar, hanging out with her friends like she normally did during our lunch break. Gosh she was beautiful. She had the most addictive brown eyes you could ever have imagined. Every time our eyes met, I’d feel little a numb. She seemed so nonchalant, yet attentive at the same time. Her straight, medium dark brown hair rested just above her shoulders. I wanted to go over to her and tell her how I felt that day, but there was no way someone like me could end up with someone as gorgeous as her. See, it wasn’t her overall attractiveness that had me so in love; it was her wide smile, her soft brown eyes, her straight brown hair, her shy personality-it was her, and I was in love with her. Even though I’ve only exchanged a few words with this girl, I knew she was special.”