How To Prep For AP Testing

How To Prep For AP Testing

Jallon Williams and Brandon Young

As AP testing is quickly approaching, many students are starting to prepare for their dreaded tests. However, some students go into the test feeling overwhelmed and unprepared. This is a major problem for students and is a potential cause for low scores. AP teachers do the best that they can to prepare students for the tests, but much of the load falls on the shoulders of the students. How well a student prepares usually reflects how they do on the AP test.  A lot of preparation usually means higher scores, but for some getting high scores just comes naturally.

Preparing for the AP test is a difficult task; it requires a lot of reading, hours of reviewing vocabulary and extensive essay writing. All these things can lead to a passing score on any AP test. However, when it is time to take the actual test, many students seem to crack under pressure. The following are tips to ensure that this doesn’t happen:

  • Stay Calm-Worrying only makes it worse. Taking deep breaths can help alleviate some of the stress. If you stress yourself out, you won’t be able to perform well enough to get your desired score.
  • Be Confident-You are in an AP class for a reason. You have gone through countless essays, projects, reading assignments, and long study sessions over the course of the year–you can do it!  You got this!
  • Get Sleep- It is essential you are well rested for the test! Be certain to get at least eight hours of sleep to ensure that you will be alert and focused.
  • Eat a Good Breakfast-Eat a well-balanced breakfast. Avoid sugary foods and drinks. Fruits or oatmeal will provide a strong and healthy mind while taking the exam.
  • Get Test Prep Materials-Buy a Barron’s Guide, Princeton Review or CliffsNotes to study for the exam. You could even review your old notes and tests. Make flashcards to help remember vocabulary.  Ask your teacher whether he or she is having a review session and be sure to attend.

You could listen to all these tips and follow them to their very core, but the most important thing is to do is remain calm and believe in yourself. You could know all of the information there is to know for the test, but if you do not believe in your own ability, then all that hard work will have been for nothing. The biggest thing you can do to prepare for this test is have determination. Knowing that you are more than capable of passing this test is the key to success.