Spring Fling-a-Ding Canceled


Alyssa Macias, News Editor

It was announced last Wednesday, February 25th, that the Spring Fling-a-Ding has been cancelled. The school-wide event was scheduled for last Friday, February 27. It was being sponsored by Mr. Dinielli, the senior class, and all the SLCs. The event was supposed to have sold at least 100 tickets by Wednesday and at the time of cancellation, they had only sold around 20. The Spring Fling-a-Ding was planning on including rides such as gyroscopes, Sumo wrestling, and  obstacle courses. ” I think it is a learning experience and mistakes were made along the way. We’re going to come back next year and perfect it,” is what Mr. Dinielli had to say about the cancelled event. He also said that he believes the reason that more tickets were not sold is because students were waiting to see if their friends were going and it was a hassle to sign the waiver and deal with pre-sales.