Ms. Ben-Chetrit Interview


Steven Tong, Staff Reporter

Ms. Ben-Chetrit is an art teacher at Birmingham Community Charter High School. In her class, she teaches her students the principles of art: line, color, value, form, shape and pattern. These principles of design are taught to her students so that they can demonstrate their understanding of them. She says that these principles are to show how art is a “geometric abstract.”

The displays in the Performing and Visual Arts building and the main office building demonstrates some of her students’ work and what they have learned. Ben-Chetrit believes that those artistic pieces are well-done. If one wants to view the students’ hard work, they are free to stop by the J building and the offices to enjoy the art.

Ben-Chetrit shares her opinion about art itself. She believes that, “Art is the heartbeat of the human race.” Indeed, art is definitely a vital part of who we are as humans. She states that, “…art was a part of humanity since day one.” Since the age of cavemen, art was one of the ways that humans expressed themselves along with speaking and other forms of communication. As such, Ben-Chetrit asserts that art is “…an expression of peoples’ views on topics such as politics and public opinion.”