Real prizes for virtual soccer?


Johan Morales, Staff Reporter

There are thousands of people playing Pro Evolution Soccer all the time just for having a good time so, what would happen if they were playing for real prizes?

Even though it’s “just a game” and people play to have a good time they take it seriously. It’s not like most people are going to pay the bills just by playing but a lot of effort goes into winning every game. People usually play for a common reward: the feeling of being better than the people you play with, despite the fact that they are your friends or an unknown.

Konami Digital Entertainment, and Pro Evolution Soccer “PES” created the PES Champions League, a tournament available in online and offline versions for gamers. The online version began on November the 13, 2014 and has been taken to a whole new level. The players will compete in local tournaments to qualify for the regional finals and compete for more than €25,000 and a chance to play at the PES World Finals.

The World Finals will take place on June 6, 2015 at the Olympiastadion in Berlin only hours before the actual UEFA Champions League Final. It’s not surprising that with these prizes as motivations and the fact that participating is free, the amount of players keeps growing and growing.

Konami has announced the best players of each of the first three months since the tournament was created and thanks to we have brought it to you.

Germany: erhaninho67 (November), HANS_und_SARPEI (December), BerenZinho_10 (January)
Argentina: (No winner in November), talcab2013, CuervosPes2013
Asia: (No winner in November), Negeri Sembilan, bossui
Austria: Lutti-1, GaB2JeZ, irnes10
Brazil: (No winner in November), GuiFera15,
Chile: (No winner in November), FabiaanAguirre, MAXI__BARCELONA
Colombia: (No winner in November), Danielrojokun, DAVALTY
USA: (No winner in November), leonumero7, danielydaleu
Spain: predator19, isra_almansa, alexalguacil_8
France: majovael, PFT13__Dextens, RiValDoo45
Britain: Ambidextrous, No1Pirate, PieRzu89-PL
Greece: StavAttack, pappasdim_, apera8oukwtsos
Netherlands: (No winner in November), GEKKE_QT, LUNATIC-NL
Israel: ELADGABAI, michaelastman, nirtuwya
Italy: Ju20no, FreakB__, il-grande-milan7
Mexico: (No winner in November), adriansaga, rodfcb
Norway: (No winner in November), Sam —, filip_nesta
Middle East: Sina OPC, Mehdi_Se7eN, amirali-N
Poland: Zdzisiu1, Ronbalto, d_r_z_e_w_k_o-PL
Portugal: up-zhelder, bruninhuh66, uP-Blackcode
Rest of America: (No winner in November), Luki1020, RENPES10_PERU
Other countries: InFamouS_LoVa, kepapfc1994, liege
Russia: megotka4, fintzzz, akk-023
Switzerland: EL_CROATO87, KanGia3000, scale1983
Turkey: pesturko34, Velovis4, burakboun

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