Twilight School


Maariyah Ford

Brianna Acevedo, Charlene Angelle , Alexis Ayala, Kevin Castillo Pedro Gutierrez, Dakota Jimenez, Maybelline Linares, Emely Parada, Frisly Pineda, Matthew Sandoval, Aydan Thomas, Tiffany Ulanday

Maariyah Ford, Art & Entertainment

Twilight School originally started with 130 students but now has 117 in rooms D14, D20, and D22 for 9th graders and rooms D17 and D21 for 10th graders. Twilight school began on January 26 and plans to end on May 22; however, it may change due to block scheduling next year. The classes are held on Mondays – Thursdays at 3:36 to 5:30 p.m.

“The difference between summer school and twilight school is in summer school you’re forced to learn so much in only 4 weeks, whereas in twilight school, you learn almost as much as you do in regular school,” explained Ms. Zeller, the assistant principal.

Twilight school is designed to provide an opportunity to help make up fails that students had earned in 9th and 10th grade. One rule is that students can not have more than six absences, although there is Saturday school every now and then for the absences. Also, students are allowed no more than two fails in order to join the program.