Desert Terrariums with Terrain

Maariyah Ford, Art & Entertainment

Terrariums are a decorative way to create your own little ecosystem. You can make them fit with any style of décor, and it’s fun to bring a little bit of outside nature into your home.

1.)  You must choose what kind of terrarium you are going to make. Dry plants would probably be the best choice depending on your ecosystem. Make sure to pick the right vessel to support. It is very important( medium size).


2.) If you are going to make a desert environment, find small plants to put inside. It would be cool to choose a variety of succulents and cacti, ranging in shapes and color.

* Succulent plants are large enleafed plants that are small variety of colors. Succulent plants must be placed in brightly lit places but not in the midday sun or else they will burn. During warmer parts of the year, cacti and succulent plants go through a growing phase and will need extra water( a cup to be exact) and will need less water during the colder parts of the year.










3.) Make sure to use gritty or sandy soil with basic soil. Use can use rocks, pebbles, course sand, or stones. Anything to elevate the soil so that it’s rest against the glass. You can use what is called Growstone, it’s 100% recycle glass and is a lot lighter than regular stones.

4.) Add layers then add the soil and then add different colored sand like white, pinks, and blues for nice desert environment.




adding sand

5.) Pick the first plant you want to showcase and build around it. When working with cacti plants, work with the tallest ones and pushed in the back. Make sure to not to overcrowd where your plant is and to leave bit of room so your plant has space to grow.

6.) Once your plant is placed in the back, you can start decorating around it. you can use shells, tree barks, sticks, moss, glass, etc. anything you think will fit your terrarium.

7.) Remember that you terrarium is a living thing so make sure its placed somewhere bright and a spray bottle would be best to use for watering. Make sure to spray every 1-2 weeks, depending on the light and temperature conditions.

close up of terrarium