Softball: There’s Nothing Soft About It


Andrew Molina

Varsity Softball Team

Marie E. Rodriguez

The 2015 BCCHS Softball Team features a group of girls willing to put in their all and play their hearts out. The physique and reflexes that are required to play such a sport are portrayed by the members of the team on a daily basis. The hard work and practices that go into perfecting the traditions of softball are constantly draining and time consuming, but that never seems to discourage any of the players on the team. With the same goal in mind, they push through and show their talent out on the field.

Motivation coming from within and the obsession of wanting something by working hard for it is exactly what the BCCHS softball team establishes. “Some motivation for us would be just to have an amazing year and make the best of it. We motivate each other because we all want to do well and don’t want to let the team down,” Rebecca Gomez (junior, varsity catcher) expresses. “The fact that we have such great chemistry on and off the field is what will make this year amazing. We’re just one big family and everyone has so much talent to give.” The togetherness of the team allows the players to build trust with one another which provides great communication on the field.

“Everyone has one goal and that’s to play the best you can. Our main objective is to win and in order to do that you have to mentally prepare yourself for what’s coming. You have to be mentally tough and determined. The focus of the team has to be on the same page. All of us are focused, determined, and excited when stepping onto that field,” Elena Caballero (senior, varsity center-fielder) explains that the preparation that it takes to be ready for a competitive game is what the team fuels off of. The drive and determination that all the players acquire is what helps the team become one.

The intense amount of effort that goes into playing softball makes the quote “You play ball like a girl!” a tremendous compliment. When asked about young girls playing sports Emily Gomez (sophomore, jv pitcher) responded, “Girls can definitely play sports. Our team has some of the most dedicated girls I know. They play with cuts, bruises, you name it. What matters is the passion for the game, just because they are girls doesn’t mean they can’t play a sport. And by them giving everything they have, as a pitcher, it makes me want to do better every day.” These girls are unstoppable. The team is encouraged and will reach the one goal each member has in mind.

The varsity team holds a preseason record of 11-3 while junior varsity holds a preseason record of 7-1. From the way preseason has treated these young female athletes, their season is promising. What’s to come during  season will be dealt with poise and stamina and will only reassure the lady patriots’ dedication. Each member plans to push themselves beyond their limits in order to achieve greatness as individuals and as a team.  The smell of the freshly cut grass and the smoothness of the dirt when sliding into home is what keeps these lady patriots growing strong. Their abundance of devotion will be shown out on the field this upcoming season.