San Francisco Choir Competition Trip


Deli Chanta, Website Editor

IMG_7950This year’s  16 Voices , Women’s Choir, and Chambers Singers took their singing talent up north to San Francisco to compete against high schools in Northern California , including two schools not so far from us, Santa Monica High School Choir and Thousand Oaks High School Choir. They were all a part of The Beverly Heritage Music Festival . This music festival is held every year at different locations . This year they had the option to choose from the music festivals at Disneyland, San Francisco, or Orlando. Most choir students dreamy for the Orlando Trip , but raising the money for the trip was very difficult so San Francisco was the “compromise.” Throughout the last semester and this semester, choir students held beneficial concerts and chocolate sales to help each student pay off the trip and thankfully it was possible ! The trip took place on March 26 – March 29, 2015. On Thursday the 26th, 16 Voices, Women’s Choir, and Chambers Singers arrived here at BCCHS at 7 am with packed bags to load the buses and get ready for the 8 hour trip. On the way up, students watched movies and TV shows to kill time . After arriving in San Francisco, the four days went by in a flash . Every morning, the group had an outstanding breakfast buffet meal provided by the Hometown Buffet . Birmingham’s 16 Voices , Women’s Choir, and Chambers Singers all came in a close 2nd place only one or two points away from becoming 1st place and receiving the gold plaque. In the days following the competition, the singers got to relax and enjoy their time in San Francisco . They got the opportunity to go sight seeing which included going to the Golden Gate Bridge , Alcatraz , and Chinatown in which they had an amazing full course meal at a well-known Chinese restaurant in town. Birmingham’s singers also had the chance to visit a famous amusement park known as California’s Great America theme park which was filled with exciting roller coasters , water park attractions, live entertainment and dining . San Francisco was an amazing new experience that gave many students the chance to compete and explore. Everyone should take the chance to consider joining a choral group here at BCCHS . Personally I recommend it as we’re all a big family awaiting a singing adventure!


Birmingham's Women's Choir
Deli Chanta
Birmingham’s Women’s Choir