Prom Problems (excerpt from chapter 11)

Prom Problems (excerpt from chapter 11)

Brandon Young, Creative Arts Editor

It isn’t everyday I wake up smiling. I mean, actually smiling. Now, you may be wondering why on Earth I was smiling the instant I woke up. That, my reader, will be revealed momentarily. First, let me tell you about my morning and day. It started off as any other morning. A bowl of oatmeal-2 tablespoons of milk and one package of Quaker’s Oatmeal: Brown Sugar. But, this is all irrelevant to you of course. Who cares what I did to get ready for school? The reason I was so happy, was because that was the day I decided that I was going to ask her to prom. What you really wanna hear is what happened though, right? Right, so let me get to the story.

As you are well aware now, prom is just around the corner, and I am incredibly close to asking her. I know, the thought of asking her is freaking me out too. Relax, you’re not alone. The only questions to answer now are: when and how? Asking a girl out to prom is huge. Prom is the one thing that girls all dream about going to and how magical and fun it will be. I began looking at prom proposal ideas a few weeks before, but they were all too cliche and downright cheesy. They just weren’t me, but aside from not being able to come up with a creative idea to ask, a new and even worse problem arose. My friend had plans on asking her. Now, this may not seem like a big deal, but it totally was. Okay, this is what you need to know to take my side on the matter:

 I’ve liked this same girl since I had broken up with my ex at the end of summer vacation. And, shortly after school started, a friend of mine from the previous year told me that he and her were actually pretty good friends. I saw this as an opportunity. After finally telling him I had liked her, I find out through another friend that he had plans on “asking her to prom.” 

Okay, this is a big no no for guys. When you know that one of your friends likes a girl, you back off. You immediately scratch her off the list. It is simply messed up to put it nicely. As of right now, I’m in a rut. My smile has disappeared. But this has fueled something in me that had been lacking ever since I became single: assertiveness and confidence. Now, let’s go get a prom date.