The Longest Ride Movie Review


Maariyah Ford, Art & Entertainment Editor

The Longest Ride is another best-selling book turned into film written by Nicholas Sparks, who also wrote The Notebook, and was released in theaters on April 10,2015. The movie is centered around a champion bull rider named Luke Collins (Scott Eastwood) and a college student named Sophia(Britt Robertson) who is just getting ready to start her dream job in New York City’s art world when she unexpectedly meets Ira. Ira’s (Jack Huston and Alan Alda) memories of his past love life with his wife Ruth ( Oona Chaplin) inspires Luke and Sophia to continue their relationship in ways that they would both be happy. With the two intertwining love stories, the movie shows the ups and downs of their forever-lasting love.

So basically, this film is mainly about how opposites attract. They worry about one another for different reasons. Luke is worried because Sophia was going to move away from him to New York City and Sophia was worried about Luke because of how he has had so many major injuries and one that almost killed him but still continues to bull ride. but like usual in most movies, they always make it through. This drama/romance movie was rated by critics with 7.2 stars. George Tillman (director) did an exceptional job with showing the similarities and differences between Sophia and Luke’s relationship with Ira and Ruth’s relationship. The outcome of both relationships will bring movie watchers to tears.

He shows that no matter what can go on in a couple’s love life, as long as your feelings are true for one another, a couple can go through anything.