DIY bamboo wind chimes

Maariyah Ford, Art &Entertainment Editor


bamboo pole( 3 inches long)

6 reeds( or 3-6 twigs) Reeds are tall, slender- leaved plant of grass family that grows in water or on marshy  ground.

twine or string


Hot glue


drill with small bit


1.)  Cut your bamboo into 5 pieces of succeeding length using the handsaw for cleaner results.

2.)  Drill in a small whole about  1/2 an inch from the top of each piece. Make sure the whole is big enough to fit the string or twine through.


diy bamboo wind chime

3.) Gather your reeds or stick and put them in a triangle shape so it can be on top of your wind chimes. Use hot glue to glue them together and then use your string or twine the tie the corners of your triangle with in a x shape for a stronger hold.

diy bamboo wind chime

4.)  Cut 9 pieces of twine or string in arms length. Tie 3 pieces on to corner of the triangle, then braid the strands. Tie a knot at the end, leaving 4 inches, then repeat the actions for the other corners.

5.)  When your done tie the strings together making a loop at the top using all 9 of the pieces of string. Make sure the knot is secure.


diy bamboo wind chime

6.)  Thread a piece of string or twine through each whole of the bamboo pieces, then tie them to your to your triangle. You have to make sure your pieces are arranged close to one another so that they collide when the wind blows.

diy bamboo wind chime

7.) If you want to add embellishments, you can add feathers and lavender. It will make the wind chime look beautiful.

diy bamboo wind chime

8.) Now all you have to do is hang your wind chimes and let it do its magic 🙂


diy bamboo wind chime