Mr. Birmingham


Daisy Flores

Mr. Birmingham contestants

Daisy Flores, Staff Reporter

May 1st marks the third annual Mr. Birmingham pageant, which is hosted by the CAL and MASH academies. The line-up of gentleman included: Brian Alonzo, Xavier Escobar, Mansur Felton, Erik Garcia, Laurence Guillermo, Rene Hernandez, Jonathan Veliz, James Layno, Serigne Athj,  and Joshua Lopez. The contestants were presented by hosts Kai Evans, Miguel Chavez, and Jemilat Audu.

Each contestant showed off their formal wear and talent. They also answered questions from three select judges and the contestants were accompanied by their radiant escorts. The judges this year were Mrs. Zeller, Mrs. Zoepfl, and Mrs. Bowdoin. The first place winner went home with $100.

The night began with exciting introductions and there was a lot of response from the audience. The first performance of the night was Rene with his rendition of New Divide by Linkin Park. Following him was the performance of Jonathan who did a medley of dances. Afterwards was the guitar playing and witty banter of Joshua who was accompanied with a fellow contestant, Brian. Next came along Serigne  with stand-up comedy. Once those talents were put on display, there was a short intermission, and Xavier continued the show with a song from the musical “Little Shop of Horrors.” James then performed and original piece where he threw mixed cds at the hyperactive crowd. A performance of Queen’s “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” was sung by Laurence once James finished his performance.  Eric playfully roasted teachers. The teachers consisted Mr. Nguyen, Ms. Rubinger, and Mr. Woody. The talent portion ended with the final performance, which consisted of Brian smashing items and playing out senarios with Joshua on stage.

Once the talent portion was finally over, the contestants  walked down to the judges in their formal wear and answered questions. They were questions that were within the ball park of “If you could be any chocolate bar, which one would you be?”

At the end of the night, Xavier was deemed the 3rd annual Mr. Birmingham with James as the runner-up.