Lacrosse Teams Win 2015 CIF City Championships


It almost seemed like Birmingham was going to go through a year without a City Championship! However, the Boys’ and Girls’ Lacrosse team came to the rescue as they were both crowned 2015 CIF Champions on the 16th of May 2015. The Lacrosse team was Birmingham’s only sport team to win a CIF Championship this year. The common opponent was rival Palisades High School. The Lady Patriots blew out Palisades with a score of 11-1, making it the second consecutive City Championship for the girls. The boys defeated Palisades with a score of 9-4.

Winning the City Championship was no easy task and it took a team effort to get the win. Boys Lacrosse captain, Erick Garcia, said he told his teammates that “it was going to take the entire 18 players on the team to get the win.” The team’s goalie, Julio Larios, stated “we slowed everything down and kept the ball on offense.” Defense was also key in the victory and the team pronounced Julio the MVP of the game. Garcia said “Julio deserves the MVP because he had double digit saves and held Palisades scoreless for 2 quarters. Being the humble teammate he is, Julio stated “the whole team deserves the MVP award because the whole team was part of the game and we all contributed with all around assists.”

The Lady Patriots dominated Palisades the entire game and as the clock ran out, excitement spread among all the supporters and the entire team. Citlaly Escobar, one of the lady patriots, competed in the game and said, “I had a gut feeling that the game was ours because the way we started off playing.” According to Citlaly, their defense had great communication throughout the entire game, along with the attacking positions who handled and protected the ball without it getting stolen by the other team. It is said that practice makes perfect and the lady Patriot’s practice led them to win the game. Congratulations to the lady patriots in winning their second championship in a row!

The Boys celebrated their triumph with all around love, happiness, and tears. Garcia shared that as the clock ran out, he ran towards Larios and hugged him while shouting WE DID IT!”  Larios said “he was so proud of the entire team’s effort and was happy because his four years of hard work finally paid off!” The entire spirit squad was cheering emphatically and happiness flowed throughout Birmingham’s supporters. It was an all around great victory for the lacrosse team and for Birmingham.