First Pep Rally Generates Patriot Pride


Cheerleaders demonstrating an extension at the pep rally

Jack Freeman, Sports Editor

BCCHS kicked off the school year with a very lively first pep rally. Everyone in the gym could tell that there was a lot of excitement and school spirit in the room. The pep rally started off with a video of tropical pictures playing with music playing in the background and one of the people that lead the pep rally started hula dancing.

The gym was divided into two sections, the pineapple section and the coconut section, and each section had their own leader. Both sections had teams that competed in games that the whole crowd was able to see and cheer. Each team also had their own chant they would yell to cheer on their team when they were competing in the games. The pineapple side would say “Pine, pine, pine, pineapples!” if their team won the game and the coconut side would chant “I’m in love with the coco!” if their team won the game.

After the first contest finished, the band came into the gym and started to play music which the crowd listened and enjoyed. Once the band left, another game was played where people shot sacks into nets with three person slingshots and the nets were held up by two people on the other side of the gym. When the game was finished, the dance team came in and danced to a variety of songs that were all mixed together. The dance performance was followed by a cheer the cheerleaders performed that included a lot of flips and dances. Then the girls’ volleyball team came into the gym and started to hit balls back and forth to each other. Towards the end of the pep rally, the girls’ water polo team did a mock swim race and the guys’ volleyball team played a mock game of basketball. To finish the event, a video was played of many teachers at BCCHS dancing to the song Watch Me (Whip/ Nae Nae) by Silento.

This year’s pep rally was highly organized and remarkably fun to watch. The pep rally got all of BCCHS into the school spirit which is really good because it makes students enjoying going to school more than they would if they didn’t have any school spirit. Events like this one will also have students going to more activities in the future because this one was so exciting to watch. Students will also want to go to school events and sports games to cheer on their team after seeing this year’s first big event.