We are to Blame for Beach Pollution


Joselyn Argueta, Creative Arts Editor

Do you like going to the beach with the nice ocean breeze going through your hair? Seeing families bonding and having a great time relaxing?But then one day, this vision is gone, and now the beach is full of trash . You can no longer go into the fresh water because you know what there: bacteria growing and killing endangered sea creatures.

Well that’s a disappointment right? Do you know who’s the cause of this pollution? Well look at yourself because each year more than 100,000 marine mammals every are being killed by plastic and about one million sea birds are suffering as well. It’s sad to know that we, the public, is the cause of this, and that over the years, more and more ocean beaches will be closing because the pollution is so bad.  Let’s ask the question, do you like going to the beach? What if that beach was polluted by oil?

Many sea creatures suffer because of it and we have seen these animals die for this. One sea creature that caught my attention was the leather back turtle that washed up on an Atlantic Ocean beach. These turtles are not common and they are an endangered species. The turtle appeared not to be moving and looked dead . Only a little bit of body movement was seen. As the source stated, the turtle seemed to be brain dead. So they took this turtle immediately to help it. Guess what they found out?  There were many pieces of plastic in her GI tract. The turtle must have confused the plastic bags as jellyfish since they are jellyfish eaters.

Many of us are the cause of pollution because we all eat, don’t we ? Maybe, just maybe, you could actually pick up the trash you leave behind. Everyone has to help the environment because we all live in it. Have you thought about that?  You’re ruining your own environment and don’t even notice it. Do you like sea food ? What if one day you were eating  salmon and you feel something squishy inside your mouth you pull it out and it is a piece of plastic . Gross, right?  You feel disgusted.  This is going to affect us in every way as we try to keep the beach clean. Just be sure to throw your trash away!