Meet Your Senior Class President


Marie E. Rodriguez, Editor In Chief

Veronica Tayo is the Senior Class President for the graduating class of 2016. Tayo began campaigning  for elections around March of her junior year. With the slogan “Tayo all the way-o” and the distribution of treats and goodies, Veronica hoped to gain an advantage. However, Tayo admitted that she was skeptical of holding office. “I wanted to drop out in the beginning of campaigning.” What kept her in the race was the overwhelming support from family and friends. “I owe it to friends and family. They kept me going.” Tayo stayed in the race and kept in mind the warm remarks that her loved ones had given her.

Tayo described the moment that elections were announced. She explained that tears were shed and the first person she decided to tell the great news to was her father. “He’s the person I look up to for leadership.” Tayo made it a priority to let her father, mother, and grandmother know right away because it was an accomplishment that she never even imagined possible.

Since being elected, Tayo has had a busy schedule. Part of her weekends are dedicated to planning the Senior Council meetings that take place every Monday at lunch. Then throughout that entire week, she finishes planning events and completing errands. Each week this cycle repeats itself. Some future activities that Tayo is in the works of planning include:  Senior Lock-in/Sunrise, themed movie nights, and Senior Game Night. Tayo enjoys her job and wants to make this year a memorable one for all seniors, but she did admit that being Senior Class President has its pros and cons. “I love a lot of things about being Senior Class President, but if I had to choose one reason why I love it the most, it is meeting many new people and getting a chance to make a small difference. Something I strongly dislike is being judged too quickly without people knowing how stressful this job can be sometimes.”

Aside from running Senior Council and planning senior events,  Tayo is also involved in many other clubs and school-related activities. When asked to name some extra-curricular activities she’s involved in,  Tayo explained an internship program that she took part in during the summer. “I try to stay involved in school and with our community as much as I can. I was a part of an internship program at Kaiser Panorama City called the Kaiser Permanente L.A.U.N.C.H. program which is an amazing program that a lot of high school students should take advantage of, as it is a paid internship and it is a wonderful learning experience if you’re interested in health care.” Tayo also takes part in MASH Council and ASB at BCCHS.

Off campus, Tayo spends much of her time with family. “It doesn’t take too much for me to have fun; I find joy in so many things. Family is most important to me so I truly enjoy spending my free time with them.” Tayo does make time for her family and for planning not only the seniors’ future activities, but also her own future. She is in the process of applying to Brown University, UCLA, UC Irvine, University of Hawaii, UCSD, SDSU, CSUN, CSULB, and CSUCI. Possible majors for Tayo include Molecular Biology, Biology, or Public Health. 

Meanwhile, planning events and organizing activities may be a hectic process, and Tayo highly encourages any senior with any suggestions to speak to her specifically or her adviser, Mr. Kelly. She wants nothing but the most fun and best experiences for the class of 2016. “I’d love to hear everyone’s ideas.” Tayo shared that her main objective is to mark a cheerful and spirited year for BCCHS seniors. “I have a few goals I’d like to accomplish to make this senior year memorable for the Class of 2016. One is that everyone gets a chance to have fun, and not only the more outgoing group of seniors, but also the shy group of seniors. Another goal is make sure that this year’s seniors get to experience something they haven’t experienced before in all their years of high school. Lastly, I would like to create a bond of unity among our senior class, by everyone being involved and making everyone feel like they belong. This is not only my year, this is our year.” The bond that Tayo wants to establish is not for her own need but for everyone’s and Tayo assures all seniors that this year will be an unforgettable one if we all come together.