Aloha Patriots


Jennifer Rosales and Jazeline Retuta

BCCHS students enjoying the Aloha Dance outside at night in the football stadium

Trinity Cummings and Yara Saldana

The first dance of the year was exactly how students would have pictured it, from the hot dance floor to the great food.   Although the dance started off slowly, it ended up picking up momentum throughout the night as more and more students joined in.   The outdoor dance really felt like a safe and controlled environment yet it also kept the fun atmosphere and that’s all thanks to our administrators, security, and our on site campus police department. ASB (associated student body/leadership) did a great job creating the dance, and showing that they took a lot of time creating the posters and coming up with funds for the jumpers.

The awesome food that was served at the party/dance was free except the smoothies–which resulted in some students being a little disappointed. At the dance, the BCCHS food service, Chartwell’s, served kabobs, rice, ice cream, bread, refreshments, and once again smoothies. The kitchen staff did a wonderful job and worked really hard to serve fresh food to all the students.  Even with that being said, some kids commented on having a dessert bar next to the food table.

This was a night that was all about the students’ epic, hilarious, and crazy dancing! There were moves creative and original, and the students sure did know how to dance and they didn’t care who saw because  they owned their dances. Although, some students said that they wished the DJ was a bit better on his music choices but they made it work and still had fun.  It’s a good thing they had jumpers though! It sure was exciting to jump with friends and teachers and it was entertaining to watch, especially when teachers started to get involved. Students had the most fun on the basketball jumper as seen by the huge line to get on; all you had to do was suit-up and shoot some hoops!   Surprisingly, there were students who created their own activities and they were seen running around throwing water (on a hot night) and it looked so much fun! It definitely helped cooled everyone down from all the dancing and jumping.

Overall, the Aloha Dance was fun and entertaining, and people did the WIGGLE. It truly was an epic dance despite the little things that needed improvement.  Once again, thanks to all staff, administrators, police department officers and the ASB for help creating the dance and setting up everything else.  Thanks to all the students who participated in going to the dance, and a great time was had by all!