Girls Varsity Tennis Preview


Daniela Ruiz

A tennis player practices a serve.

Samuel Gerstein, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Fall is an exciting and enjoyable time for sports on campus including the Lady Patriots’ tennis season which is already well under way with one victory and three losses so far. Coming off their first win last week against the Eagles of Eagle Rock, they looked to stay hot for their next match against the Cavaliers of Cleveland, but unfortunately took a hard 7-0 loss. This season has, and will continue to be, an interesting one for the girls because of the departure of last year’s head coach, Mr. McGauley.  They will hopefully be able to adjust so there will be more victories to come.

With McGauley’s leaving, Birmingham was in search for a new tennis coach until they finally came across Mr. Peter Brown. Even though McGauley was a beloved teacher and more importantly coach, it took no time for the team to get readjusted with Brown at the helm. In fact, the love for him is growing as well. First year player Senior Daniela Ruiz said, “He taught me tennis very well; he’s a really good coach — like he explains and demonstrates stuff really well, and he is very cool with us. We love him.”

With the chemistry established between Brown and his players, he was ready to tell them his expectations for the team and he set his standards high. This season, Brown is hoping to take his girls further than they have ever gone in past years, which may even include playoff tennis. This fact doesn’t discourage the ladies one bit, who are up for any challenge they meet and are ready to fulfill the goals of their new coach.  In fact, many girls share his ambition for victory, hoping that they can better themselves to assist the team as a whole.

It’s not all about sheer talent with Coach Brown either; it’s more about determination and will than about skills that can be taught, as he welcomed a bevy of new faces to the fascinating world of tennis. Along with all the new rookies to play for Coach Brown, there were some experienced veterans to the game who will help teach and lead these prospects to victory. These include Seniors Abygail Viramontes, Alexis Fong, and Diana Nguyen, who are all fired up for the future league play and all matches to come.

With four matches down and many more to come, the Lady Patriots Tennis Team is excited for the remainder of the season, as a new person was given the reigns as head coach, and that man is coach Brown. Already he has managed to build a great chemistry between him and his players, and that will hopefully propel the team to future wins. The whole school is cheering for these ladies and are excited  for the remainder of this upcoming tennis season.