Cafe Night

Maariyah Ford, Opinion Editor

cafe nightcafe nighgt
Hosted by students in the BCCHS drama department, Café Night was held on Friday night, September 11, from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. in the Sally Field Performing Arts Center (the PA) where we watch school plays. The main idea of Café Night was to allow students who are in the drama, music, or dancing departments to express themselves and help those who are trying to come out of their shells.

“We just want more of a chance to express our talent,” said Mathew Tan. Mathew explained how the school has all these pep rallies for all or most of the football games but not that many events for the students in the PVA academy. Café Night was a nice, calming, mellow way to just hang out, have fun, and bring people together. Hopefully this event will become a yearly happening. One of the performers was Stevie Flores. She wanted to sing or share her poems at Café Night because she wanted everyone to hear what she wrote. She was very excited and wishes to be a professional  singer for her career choice.

Another performance was by Abigail Duran and Kathy Yanes. They are both in the chamber choir and wanted to perform because they thought it would be fun and love to sing. There weren’t any parents because it was just a friendly student event to just talk and get to know one another. Almost like lunch, there was coffee, tea, and a lot of snacks. It was $2 to get in and all the snacks were just a $1.