Girls Golf Preview



(left to right) Yesenia Rizzo, Monica Padilla, Teaonna Miller,Irish

Joselyn Argueta & Maariyah Ford, Creative Arts Editor& Opinion Editor

It’s a new year and a new season and it’s time to get ready for Varsity Girls’ Golf.  There are many sports at Birmingham Community Charter High School, and this year’s golf team is benefiting from having experienced players returning to the team. “The main goal right now is to win the league and send many players to championships” said coach Kevin Kelly.  One of coach Kelly’s favorite practice routines is the putting contest and the winner gets a dollar. This year, girls’ golf has many new players who are excited to learn how to play and have a great experience competing in golf. Coach Kelly explained how this year there will be more experienced players like there was on last year’s boys’ golf team which competed for the boys’ golf championship. He is also looking for the team to do better this year than they did last year, just like any other coach would.

The girls practice every day in the Fall and the boys’ golf season starts in the Spring. Coach Kelly says that the girls get very competitive in the putting contest. The putting contest is basically you have to make the shot from a difficult angle and you only have one chance to make it.  It helps them get hyped up for practice. The coach thinks this is a good way to get them ready for practice by having a little fun. The Girls Golf Team is full of new faces with excitement this year and the team has grown drastically. This year will be very interesting for the team because the veterans and new players will all be combined and that will create some interesting friendships. This will bring the team closer and teammates will motivate each other to work harder which these can lead to a championship.