DIY Free library


Maariyah Ford, Opinion Editor


9 Branches

Twin, Yarn, Embroidery Floss

Copper string





1.) Choose five of the thickest branches for the base. Take the copper wire and begin to wrap the branches together.

2.) Take four branches and the tee-pee, and tie then tightly. Attach their bottom to the four corners and wrap tightly.

3.) Once that’s done, begin to decorate. You can decorate in yarn or feathers or anything else you want to use.

4.) When your done decoration, braid together a rope that would hang the library to a tree or any other place you want.

The library is design to help bring the community  together. when you see a hanging free library. There’s normally a lable that states, “Take one, give one.” It means that you take a book that has caught your interest and keep as many as you want, but you also have to give up a book or two that you would want anyone to keep and read because you believe they would like it.