New Teachers and New Classes


Trinity Cummings and Yara Saldana

Adjusting to new places can be hard for people, especially when many wonder how things will turn out for the person. Most of the time when people ask how students are coping with their new environments, they ask: What are the expectations? What students hope to accomplish? and Are students fitting in? This time staff reporters asked the new teachers who have joined the community here at BCCHS what they think and feel about their new school. Aren’t people curious as to what the new teachers think of the staff members, co-workers and students? Are the new teachers are fitting in? Believe it or not, adults have a hard time adjusting or fitting in like the rest of the younger students. Many say it’s too early to know what they think, but so much can happen in a short amount of time. Maybe it has not been that long since school started, but first impressions will always be engraved in our memories.

The first teacher that we interviewed was Ms. Janeen Ogier- Adams, who teaches ceramics and art. Ms. Adams started developing a love for art in high school when her art teacher taught her more about it. She started entering a lot of contests and started winning real money, so after high school she went on to college at CSUN where she majored in business. Her exceptions of the school are that they keep providing for her and her art classes.  She loves the fact that kids really want to be here and that they are not forced as they actually want to get an education.

The second teacher interviewed was Ms. Breanne Ramos Luce, and she teaches English. Her favorite subject was and still is English but she went to college at UCLA for performing arts in 2008.  So far, Ms. Luce thinks this school is pretty cool and has an appreciataion for the programs the school offers. Ms.Luce’s expectations for herself are that she is supportive while she’s here. In addition, she hopes she can get a permanent position here at BCCHS.   Her degree in college was in photography,radio, TV, and film.

The last teacher we interviewed was Mr. Marcus Williams.  He teaches digital media and motion graphics and he has been teaching for 13 years. Although he has always had a passion for movies and dreamed of being a big-time Hollywood director, he really likes it that BCCHS has a lot of spirit and small learning communities. Mr. Williams went to Cal State LA  where he took tech communication and TV and film. He has previously taught at four other schools.

Thanks to BCCHS’ great hospitality, the teachers’ first impressions of our school were great! Getting glimpses of the new teacher’ thoughts shows us how respectable and enjoyable it was joining BCCHS. I’m sure the school can’t wait for the new teachers to participate and open new clubs for students to enjoy! Thank you all teachers and staff members for giving the effort to educate and to believe in the students. For each and every day that the teachers and staff contribute their time and effort, a new chapter in the teacher’s life fills with happiness, struggles and exciting moments.