Men’s Varsity Water Polo Undefeated


water polo

Trinity Cummings and Yara Saldana

The undefeated BCCHS Men’s Water Polo Team has been on a hot streak since their starting game against Carrillo High School. Since this year, water polo has won nine games against very competitive schools. Our school has been winning games by a large margin of points this year and hasn’t lost.

We asked how the team remains undefeated and what do they do that makes them so good this year? BCCHS reporters interviewed several of the water polo teams’ players, including: Carlos Fabian(12), Oscar Alonzo(11), Max Ginfeld(12), and Jacob Corona(12).  When asked what made them join the water polo team, Carlos replied, “A few friends told me about it and asked me if I should join.”  Oscar added, “I joined swim and went from there.”  “A few friends asked me to join,” said Jacob.  It’s great these teammates were convinced to join the team because they have made Birmingham proud of their accomplishments.

What inspires them to give it all they got? How does it feel when you’re out there ready to swim for your school and team?  “My team motivates me,” exclaimed Carlos. “It’s great having a team that will support you and motivate you to keep on trying” explained Jacob. “My parents and my team motivate and encourage me,” Max revealed.

The parents of the players must be proud of all of the students on the team.  Everyone gets confident and excited when they’re in the game and they even do their own little ‘chest pump’ –demonstrating they have the confidence to win the game and to take on whatever competition they have.

The Patriots are thankful to the coaches and head coach Vincent Kezman for teaching and preparing the team to do an excellent job. Varsity Water Polo has inspired many students to always be confident and to do their best.  There always has been expectations for students to have a lot of aggressiveness, to have excellent mental focus, to have good health, and to have fun. Water polo may not seem to be that hard, but it surely one of the most difficult endurance sports on campus.